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On my Personal Web Site there is a blog (warning: conservative and may offend sensitive lefties) and essays on miscellaneous subject.

There are also many pages about my meteorology hobby including annual midwest Storm Chase trips (tornado chasing sort of like Twister), and Arizona Weather.

There is also my personal Art Gallery of unusual watercolors.

Here is an unstructured page of links to pictures from the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

Tiny Vital Systems, LLC. (TVS) provides consulting and custom software development.

TVS is owned and operated by John Moore of Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Consulting Services

TVS provides consulting services and custom hardware and software development in many areas of computer systems, including:

bulletHigh Performance Transaction Processing (OLTP)
bulletInternet and World Wide Web Systems
bulletEmbedded Systems
bulletTravel and Hospitality Industry Systems
bulletDue Diligence Services for High Tech Company Investors

Custom Hardware

bulletRF Measurement Equipment

Custom Software

TVS provides custom software development with expertise and/or experience in the following areas:

bulletEmbedded Systems (C or assembly language)
bulletWeb  Programming
bulletJava,  C and Assembly Language Programming
bulletReal-Time Systems
bulletDigital Signal Processing
bulletBroadband Communications Development




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