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Desert Doodles

John's Art Gallery - Original Watercolors

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Welcome to my personal art gallery. This is a collection of doodles which have escaped from my fevered brain over several decades.


Originally the doodles were inspired by "op-art" and simple geometric surface, but without any thought, they "morphed" into the strange creatures seen below. I noticed a face in one of my shapes, and there has been one in almost every doodle since.

To understand the context , visualize a computer guy (not a full Dilbert), sitting at a conference table in a long meeting. He has a beard ,  gray hair and glasses. He is dressed in traditional California business casual . In addition to his yellow pa, he has about 50 watercolor pens festooning the vicinity, and a drawing pad which is becoming infested with some odd shapes and textures.

Others in the meeting are either used to this peculiar behavior, or are wondering if this character is paying attention. (he is, with one side of his brain, if something attention-worthy comes up)

Now fade back a few decades. Here is our same guy, this time very young and clean-cut... in a junior high school classroom in New Mexico. He wears glasses and has about 6 colored ballpoint   pens in

his pocket. He is sitting at a desk  and the teacher is lecturing away. Our nerd is casually doodling, playing with textured surfaces and funny little creatures. The teacher is a bit annoyed, but puts up with it because our budding artist is getting good grades.

A few years later, he is in high school, and carries a briefcase with clumps of RapidoGraph pens and   a dangerous collection of permanent ink bottles. A different teacher, but still some annoyance. The patterns are a bit more advanced and the creatures more articulated. The other students figure this guy is not exactly in the main social scene, or he wouldn't do weird, non-cool stuff like this. They are right!