Bjorn Lomborg and the Critique in Scientific American

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Bjorn Lomborg is the author of the controversial "The Skeptical Environmentalist'> According to Bjorn Lomborg, "Scientific American has threatened legal action" if he did not remove his response to their critique from his website! Originally I planned to post his response here as a protest to SA's censorship, but they have relented and posted his response on their site (although only in the less-friendly pdf format).

Anyone who has read both The Skeptical Environmentalist and the Scientific American attack on it should have no trouble coming to the conclusion that SA is highly biased in favor of leftist environmentlism, to the detriment of their scientific credibility. As a long term reader, I observe that the leftist tilt of Scientific American has been present for decades... most visible in the past with their one-sided attacks on missile defense systems.

I continue to subscribe to the magazine, but with gritted teeth. It still has useful articles on scientific subjects, but it increasingly tends to be filled with one-sided articles and propaganda. I suspect that its decreasing size corresponds to decreasing ad revenue due to a loss of readers who are tired of this nonsense!

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