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High Performance Transaction Processing

Many commercial OLTP systems, including emerging consumer and "B-to-B" internet applications, must process a high volume of requests with rapid response. These systems must meet additional requirements including:


High Availability - the system must operate 7 days per week and 24 hours per day, with total availabilities as high as 99.5%.


Data Integrity - data maintained by the system must not be lost; nor must it become internally discrepant.


Flexibility - business requirements change rapidly; the system must be readily modifiable and extensible.


Security - data must be protected, and unauthorized operations must be prevented.


Portability - the system should have minimal dependencies on specific software and hardware vendors.

Tiny Vital Systems personnel have architected, designed, consulted on, implemented and maintained these systems for almost three decades, in the travel, banking, ticketing and medical  industries.

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