2001 Chase Vehicle

Our chase vehicle this year is a 2001 Toyota Sequoia, customized for all the electronics. It had about 600 miles on it at the start of the chase. See below for equipment list.

FromFront.JPG (28564 bytes)

From the Front

FrontSeat.JPG (63984 bytes)

Interior Equipment

chasebait.JPG (18200 bytes)

Tornado Bait - before a chase.

damagedbait.JPG (28863 bytes)

Tornado Bait - After a successful chase.

baitcloseup.JPG (20061 bytes)

Tornado Bait - Close Up


Tornado Bait: Mobile Home Model

Radio Shack Broadband Scanner

Bearcat780 Trunking Scanner

Kenwood Dual Band Ham Transceiver

Radio Shack CB with Weather Receiver/Alert

Cell Phone with Speaker Phone and Modem

GPS with Datalink to Laptop

Radar Detector (not actually useful)

Laptop (not visible)

350 W Power Inverter (not visible)

USB TV Receiver for Laptop (not visible)

"ChargeGuard" Battery Protector (not visible)

Industrial Hygrometer/Thermometer (not visible)


Car Radio Antenna

Ham Antenna (dual band)

2 Scanner Antennas

TV Antenna

Cell Phone Dual Band Antenna

CB Antenna (hidden under hood until chase)

GPS Antenna (the "white egg")