0531 - 0530 Megadittos

Enough is enough! Last night we drove all the way back east to North Platte, NE to be in position to hit either the eastern event or the western event. This morning we decided things looked best back in Wyoming (just like yesterday). So, after collecting the documentary crew we blasted back to Wyoming. Once again, the atmosphere tried...

...and tried...

...and tried...

...and failed to produce a real storm. The best we saw was a rather mild looking storm (no lightning ever detected) over the Laramie range that was rotating with a rain free base and a short lived "hockey-puck" wall cloud. But... it just didn't last. The doggone vort max was just a bit too slow or in the wrong place. Too bad... everything in the sky was rotating like mad.

We did have lots of time for videotaping today, while sitting at a very scenic spot just south of MP 100 on Interstate 25 in Wyoming... visibility 50 miles all the way around and critters (rabbits and antelope) nearby.

Thus, the only picture today is of Matt Crowther explaining weather forecasting to the documentary crew (Anne Johnsos and Troy Hauschild of Towers Productions, Inc)