0601 - The Trip Home

With a death ridge in place, and obligations on the home front, it was time to bid this chase goodbye.

However, we did stop at Beth's favorite prairie dog town (at a nature preserve S of Morrill on  CR 8).

Anyone who has dealt with Prairie Dogs knows how alert and careful they are, so we could only get photos using the telephoto. But they sure were cute...

0601FatDog.jpg (9688 bytes)

0601PrarieDogs.jpg (10382 bytes)                                  0601PrairieDogs2.jpg (10570 bytes)

0601PrairieDog.jpg (9980 bytes)

The rest of the day was spent FIGHTING HORRIBLE TRAFFIC ON I-25. Denver and Colorado Springs traffic was terrible! Next time I will avoid them.

We ended up about 11PM in Albuquerque at the downtown Super-8. As we unloaded the car, lightning, thunder, rain and wind greeted us! It was refreshing after a couple of days of sunburn waiting for failed initiation in the high plains!