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Storm Chase 05/19/2001

The day started with great promise, but a huge MCS in Western OK created a monster outflow which dominated the day.

We did start out early and chased a storm up towards Wheeler, TX that later resulted in a TOR. Visibility was poor and we didn't see much.

Then we trucked down to Childress for a small chaser convergence (R.J. Evans, Bobby Prentice, Greg Breneman, and thence towards Wichita Falls. On the way, we encountered the outflow boundary. We decided to try to get SE of it. A long chase and we ended up in Seymour on the edge of the boundary. There we ran into a larger chaser convergence including a couple of Doppler-On-Wheels (DOW) trucks from different places (Bluestein, Werman). Radar showed a developing line to our immediate east, so we decided to head that-away. Of course, it was all above the outflow but hey... mesoscale accidents do happen. We ended up a few miles from the ony tornado warning of the day in that area, in heavy rain and very high winds. Sigh. Back to Wichita Falls for the night, with great hopes in the morning for Red River area.

First Convergence - Childress, Tx.


This is R.J. hail-armored vehicle!.