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Chase 05/24/2001 - West Central Texas - Severe Storm

Updated. Images are below. Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos. These have been processed up to show meteorological features. The only photo for beauty is the scud-bunny at the end.

Today was a bit tricky on the forecast, with models disagreeing and SPC and forecast offices with different opinions. Decided on Junction, TX as a target.

We went to Junction and hung around their nice library watching radar as a storm suddenly developed about 20 mi West. After it rapidly became severe, we decided to go SW out of Junction to chase it.

Unfortunately, roads are a bit scarce out here... the storm started out disorganized, but it had quite a bit of indications of organization to come - striations, laminar clouds, etc. But... after a while we decided it wasn't going to do much, and it was high based and boring.

So... we went east on 41 N of Rock Springs to chase the mystery storm - the storm on the other side of the fence is always greener... err... more cyclonic... or something like that. Anyway, our first storm looked outflow dominant and we were afraid storms to the E and SE would eat its inflow. Oh well...

By the time we got about 20 miles east the storm we had abandoned started looking a whole lot like a supercell... stacked saucers over a rain-free base, but still didn't look quite right - no obvious inflow bands or beaver tails, and still high based. We were tempted to go back to it, and had seen a chase tour blasting that way, but decided that we just didn't want to retrace.

Anyway, saw lots of nice lightning, amazing mammatus formations and various odd linear cloud formations in the anvils in front of us and to the south.

Meanwhile, NWS issued a tornado warning on our former storm. Sigh.

Now we are spending the nite at the Motel 6 in Kerrville, TX (with SLOW data-com - unable to exceed 9600bps).

Tomorrow - more chasing in the same area or west... we hope.

Linear cloud features - by Jim.

Other cloud features.

Storm during early, disorganized stage of storm with later TOR on it.

Storm in mothership mode, from far east.

Nice little scud bunny at sunset.