Chase 2001
John and Beth Moore, Jim Williams, Greg Breneman

Last Updated Monday 05/29/2001

This is an ongoing storm chase chronicle for the team of John and ELizabeth Moore, and Jim Williams. Each day is shown on a separate page. Each page has a pointer to the next. Photos are shown as small "postage stamps" to minimize page loading time. If you click on any of those, you will see a larger, more detailed picture. Greg Breneman has been with us for most of the chase, but the maps cover the vehicle containing the Moore's and Jim Williams.

Our Team

Our Chase Vehicle

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Our Route Map

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Approx 5600 Miles in 13 Days

Chase 2001 - Day by Day

05/16 - Beachfront Property 0517 - Hail in Hale 0519 - Knives in the NIte 0519 - Convergergence
0520 - UFO's 0521 - Louisiana 0522 - Drift West 0523 - Waco and San Antonio
0524 West CentralTexas Severe Storms Chase(no pics yet) 0525 Southwest Texas Bust 0526 Typical Chase Sequence 0527 Finally, Kansas - Amazing Storms