May 16, 2001 - Storm Texas Panhandle

After spending the night in Alva, OK, we faced a confusing weather situation. Good energy, etc was progged for NE Oklahoma, but better winds were out west. We used the library in Alva for quite a while, then decided to go East as it looked like the storms out west would be in areas where the dew point was too low. We went to the library in Medford and took another look. A call from Matt Crowther convinced us to chase out in the Texas panhandle. Time was running late, but we dashed Woodward, and then to Cheyenne to intercept a storm in Roger Mills county. It came apart, so we went towards Texas to chase the next storm to the west.

It turned out to be a well formed supercell, but it was too dark for pictures. We watched lightning on it for a while, and then on the onbe behind it. Finally we headed to Childress for the night. Unfortunately, a huge omega block was forming, condeming tornado alley to no moisture after tomorrow. We wanted to get south for a last gasp chase before the moisture departed for a long time.