Storm Chase Log - June 2, 2003

John and Beth Moore

Monday June 2 Liberal->Punkin Center->Kim->Clayton

In a word: bustola.

Today was an attempt to play the Palmer Divide. The big question was: will we get storm initiation. The answer: NO. We drove clear up to Punkin Center, CO and sat around watching clear sky. We did have a small chaser convergence, and a radar was temporarily added to my tornado bait in my truck:

BaitAndRadar.jpg (33000 bytes)

Some of the members of our chaser convergence are shown here:DoswellsMonteverdeGregMatt.jpg (54480 bytes)

From left to right, Vicki Doswell, Chuck (OF) Doswell, John Monteverdi, Greg Breneman and Matt Crowther. Not seen include Beth, Betsy Abrams and Mike Umsheid and Steve Hodanish.

Finally, in frustration we decided do head south to position for the next day. Also, we could see storms to the south. We drove down to to Kim, CO, a pretty place on some high mesas, and watch a little supercell for a bit. Then on to Clayton, NM for the night.

Here is the Kim Supercell:

KimSS.jpg (22435 bytes)