Beth, Jim Williams and John - Chase 2004

The Kilians - 5/29

Beth, the Kilians, Me - 5/29

Beth, the Killians, Jim - 5/29

Funnel Cloud - 5/29

Anticylonic Tornado - 5/29

Jim after Near Death Experience - 5/29

Matt taking picture, Besty, Beth, Jim, ???

Matt (Walking), Betsy, Jim, Beth

Mile Wide Tornado near Jamestown, KS 5-29

Line of Supercells Near Topeka

Supercell at night, near Topeka

Prairie Drought - Colorado

Matt and Betsy watch dying Supercell

Storm in Texas, and ghost

Outflow boundary and Gustnado

Beth - Heber, AZ 6/5

Beth and Forest Fire Sign- Heber, AZ

Beth taking phone picture, Heber AZ, 6/5

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