Tornado Chase 1996

Construction still in progress.

Here are the pictures:

Sheridan Lakes, CA tornado of 5/31/96.

Unfortunately the tornado is barely visible (or imaginable?) in this photo due to the need to get off a shot before gust front dust obscured it.

Most embarrassing!

We saw this tornado 4 hours after we began our chase in Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful elephant's trunk and there are other pictures on the web of this same tornado.

Small Chaser Convergence at NSSL

This photo shows, left to right:

bulletBetsy Abrams (The Weather Channel)
bulletGary Skaggs (NSSL Staff)
bulletJohn Moore (yours truly) (Anasazi, Inc).
Over my shoulder are new and really neat NSSL T-shirts sold by Greg Stumpf
bulletMatt Crowther (The Weather Channel
bullet(Behind the camera:) Jim Williams (my chase partner) (Artist for a theater chain).

The Customary Chaser Convergence Photo

This was in the Southern Oklahoma "Mountains." Converging carbon-based life forms were:

bulletBetsy Abrams (visible) and Matt Crowther
bulletLegendary hurricane and Guam typhoon chaser Jim Leonard.
bulletA video crew from Granada pictures in England shooting a documentary for a major TV science and nature channel. They were with Jim Leonard
bulletCharles Edwards (visible) and friend (sorry, forgot the name)
bulletJim Williams and myself (visible)

The Obligatory Tornado Cute Picture

Ellsworth, Kansas.

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