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Welcome to Tiny Vital Systems' page with documentation for discontinued products. These products were amateur radio repeater controllers models TVS-501 and TVS-701 and were produced an sold from 1985 through 1995. The following documentation is provided for reference only. Tiny Vital Systems can be reached at Maintained by webmaster@tinyvital.com. .

Documents are provided as simple text files, with the exception of the schematics, which are in internet image form (JPEG). To print out a document, click on the link in the browser. Then use the browser's print function.


TVS-501 Documentation The TVS-501 was a single-sided board about 3" X 5". The documentation includes:

TVS-701 Documentation

bullet TVS501 Programming Manual
bullet TVS501 Version 23 Upgrade Note
bullet TVS501 Version 24 Upgrade Note

bullet TVS501 Schematic - Page 1
bullet TVS501 Schematic - Page 2
bullet TVS501 Schematic - Page 3
bullet TVS501 Board Layout
bullet TVS501 Software Logic Diagram 

The TVS-701 was a double-sided board slightly larger than the TVS-501. It was also used as a daughter board in other products. The documentation includes:

bullet TVS701 Installation Instruction
bullet TVS701 Programming Instructions
bullet TVS701 Theory of Operation
bullet TVS701 Update 13 Note
bullet TVS701 Update 16 Note
bullet TVS701 Addendum - Warning on 74HC04 vs. MC4069 in Clock Chip Position

bullet TVS701 Schematic - Page 1
bullet TVS701 Schematic - Page 2
bullet TVS701 Schematic - Page 3

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